About the Club

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Shamen MCC

(Shamen: A race of witch doctors who were so shrouded in mystery no one knew if they were real)

Back in 2009 a group of friends, who had ridden together for many years, decided it was time to get together and form a club.

The original founders started off in The Rising Sun Pub, in the centre of Bath, but after exhausting many hostelries in the first couple of years, they thought it would be a good idea, and different if they had their own clubhouse, and after much searching and one non-starter they found a barn that a farmer was happy to let them use.

Over the next few years the membership grew, and between them and the founders a lot of work was done on the barn, work which is still ongoing, and now is a clubhouse many would envy!

Several of the Shamen have built their own rides and one of the reasons for the clubs exsistence is to get out on our bikes and ride, and get back to good old fashioned biker partying!

Shamen MCC at the time of writing boasts 15 full members

Shamen MCC members are dedicated and loyal and support their club wholeheartedly, and give as much to the club as they expect from it.

Shamen MCC prides itself on being a family club and resepcts that members have family and work commitments